M.E.S. Computer Academy

Vidyavihara’, # 25/1, 17th Main, II Block
Ph: 57608667
Mysore Education Society is a name for imparting value-based education for the last 50 years in Bangalore City. The M.E.S. Educational Institutions offer a wide variety of academic courses and programmes with a focus on overall development of the students. M.E.S. aims to provide its students an exciting and living experience.

The Mysore Education Society is a registered body, which has philanthropic, patriotic and farsighted citizens of Bangalore as its committee members.

M.E.S. Computer Academy envisages imparting quality education to students & equipping them to face the challenges in a competitive world. Also, it challenges the students’ ability to research things by themselves.

With huge market growth & globalization, there is an increase in demand for software engineers and India is now becoming the most sought out destination for the computer professionals.

The academy is also open to in-house workshops for corporate and other institutions.

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