Courses & Eligibility

Teachers are given a free hand in using innovative methods in imparting knowledge. There are ample audio and visual aids like charts, maps, audio and video cassettes to make teaching more effective and interesting.

Every year, the talented and artistic teachers make new flash cards for story telling, charts and maps etc., and the management is liberal in providing funds to make these teaching aids.

Scientists, Mathematicians and Doctors are invited at frequent intervals to give talks, lectures and demonstrations linked to relevant school subjects and personal hygiene and health care respectively. This encourages the children to interact with intellectual people and widen their horizons.

Children are encouraged to attend Science workshops, competitive exams conducted by various organizations to develop competitive spirit and gain more knowledge.

Programmes for the enhancement of results:

  • Gifted students: Children are trained for various State and National level exams like NTS exams, Math World, Science Olympiad, National General Knowledge exams to give them good exposure to face public exams.
  • Average students: More stress is given for the enhancement of their performances. They are encouraged to take part in Quiz, Science programmes, Model exhibitions and inter-school competitions.
  • Slow learners: They are separated after class hours or in the last period to provide individual attention to cater to their special needs. Repetition of explanation and answers etc., are taken up.

Apart from the regular textbooks prescribed by the department, workbooks for each subject are used for reinforcing what is learnt. Some of the work books have been prepared by the Primary school teachers of Kishora Kendra. The High school teachers have prepared question bank book for the S.S.L.C. Students.

The play center children get their progress reports once after the first term and again at the end of the final term. Their daily progress is observed and assessed by the class teachers. There is no formal exam for them.

The first and second standard students have work sheets for all the subjects and children’s progress is observed after each lesson. Unit tests after each lesson, and six tests and two exams are conducted for all the classes.

The question papers for the lower classes are printed in the computer, making it very impressive and interesting for the little children to answer them with enthusiasm. The school has its own Xerox machine, duplicating machine and computers to make the question papers and secrecy of the same is maintained.