Youth Activities

College Magazine:
Besides these clubs, the students also indulge in other activities; the magazine committee publishes the college magazine ‘SAMHITHA’ annually. The college magazine is the best venue for the students of the college to explore the hidden treasure of talent and exhibit their latent talents. Our college magazine lives up to these norms intrinsically.Co-curricular Activities:
In addition to academic programme, the students are encouraged to participate in games and other social activities, which will help in the overall development of the students. Regular inter – collegiate competition and co-curricular activities are organized.


Value Education
To inculcate the habit of appreciation and acknowledgment of the greatness of our Indian culture and heritage, the college lays ample stress on value – based education. Praying together is an extremely important facet of teacher foundation. There is a morning prayer and assembly where emphasis is made on debating, recitation, drama, music, quizzing and other activities which are conducted daily.

Parents Involvement
Parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, the college has parent-teacher meetings regularly to check on the academic progress and is consulted on matters of policy.

Schools are sites where student teachers learn to teach. The internship gives the student teachers a wide ranging and intensive experience of real schools and classroom. About 30 high schools of the city are specially selected for the purpose of conducting practice teaching sessions.

C.T.E. Activities
By virtue of its up gradation as College of Teacher Education, ongoing in-service programme are conducted for the teachers and administrators of schools of Bangalore Rural and Tumkur Districts. M.E.S. Teachers College conducts workshops and orientation programme for schoolteachers on a wide range of topics linked to classroom teaching.

These workshops provide an opportunity for in-service teachers to hone their teaching strategies and update themselves on the latest theories and practices in education.

Students’ Council
M.E.S. Teachers College is committed to the cause of disseminating quality education at various levels and in different fields offering young generation with multiplicity of opportunities. The annually elected student council meets regularly to plan, review and co-ordinate various students activities and address necessary issues.

To give an opportunity and exposure to the talent, interest and creativity among the students, a variety of clubs, each headed by a faculty member are formed, which helps in the overall personality development of the students. Recognition and rewards for excellence encourage healthy competition and motivate students to go that extra mile.