Youth Activities

Youth Activities

The college starts its daily work with a prayer which is followed by various announcements about students’ achievements and awards. In order to develop a sense of national pride and patriotism the National Anthem is sung at the end of the day.

This is looked after by democratically elected committee including the office bearers. Its activities are conducted through the English, Kannada, Hindi, Music, Drama, History, Commerce, Science and Psychology clubs, Planning Forum and Gita Study Circle.

The co-curricular activities are not confined merely to the college but are also extended to intercollegiate competitions in academic, literary and cultural fields. Two persons are appointed as Student Welfare Officers from among the teachers. They are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting various cultural and welfare activities.

In order to inculcate a spirit of patriotism and social awareness the college has active units of NSS and NCC. There are two NCC units for boys, Infantry and Armoured Squadron. These are headed by enthusiastic and experienced officers. There is also an NCC girls wing.

The NSS unit has been active for more than three decades. It conducts annual camps in small villages and involves students in rural reconstruction projects.

Physical education and sports are greatly encouraged by both management and staff of the college. Satisfactory facilities have been provided in close proximity to the college for the students to practise.

The college has been achieving a great name in the field of sports and games. It has produced a large number of national and international level sportspersons. The college has sufficient facilities for indoor games like carrom, chess and table tennis. The students participate in various tournaments conducted by state, varsity and private organisations. The college has produced sportspersons of national and international repute.

A blood donation center is also functioning.A register of donors is maintained.